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Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan

Nutrient Plan specializes in developing a CNMP customized for your operation.  A CNMP identifies management and conservation actions that will be followed to meet clearly defined soil and water conservation goals, including nutrient management, on an animal feed operation or AFO.  The CNMP fits within the total resource meanagement objectives of the entire farm and animal feeding operation.


The objective of a CNMP is to document the AFO owners/operators plan to manage manure and organic by-products by combining conservation practices and management activities into a conservation system that, when implemented, will achieve the goal of hte producer and protect or improve water quality.

This program will meet at least the following criteria:

  1. Provide documentation that addresses the items outlined in section 600.6 Exhibit 15, comprehensive nutrient management plan-format and content

  2. Document the AFO owners and operators consideration of the six CNMP elements.  It is recognized that a CNMP may not contain all six elements; however, they need to be considered by the AFO owner/operator during development of the CNMP, and the owner's/operator's decisions regarding each must be documented.  These elements are as follows:

  • Manure and wastewater handling and storage

  • Land treatment practices

  • Nutrient management 

  • Feed management

  • Other utilization activities 

Source: National planning procedures handbook parts 600.5-600.75

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