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Veris® Technology.  



Using the Veris® machine, we can measure CEC, Organic Matter and soil type with mobility and accuracy.  


This machine emits an electrical current to identify where soils change.  The data can be used to label key soil characterics like organic matter, texture, CEC and soil type.  This geo-referenced data is merged into "Field Fusion" producing soil maps with unprecedented accuracy. 


We combine this data, with past yield and soil samples, to help make educated management decisions.

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EC and OM Maps.  



EC maps define the soil textural variablility by measuring the electrical conductivity of the soil at two seperate depths.  Clay particles conduct more current than silt or sand particles.  


Soil OM maps are made by measuring soil reflectance at two different wavelengths.  Resulting OM data can then be used in identifying in-season nitrogen release which helps maximize Variable Rate Nitrogen (VRN) or Variable Rate Seed (VRS) prescriptions.  

Merge these two map layers together and a very powerful base layer has been created for VRS, VRF and VRN prescriptions.

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